What might you find here?

Hi! Welcome to READBETWEENTHEBINDINGS! I am glad you are here. On this site you’ll find book reviews and a few thoughts and ideas in between. I love to read. I am a member of a book club that is made up dear friends that I love and admire. They’ve helped me branch out and read books that I may have passed on the shelf and not thought twice about. I stick with mostly fiction and “clean” reads. I enjoy fantasy, historical fiction, youth fiction, mystery and classics most, but I am open to trying out all genres. Feel free to drop me a line and give me some of your recommended reads!

Beyond reading I love the incredible family and friends in my life, my God, being outdoors, music of all kinds and sports.  Just as books do, we as human beings have stories, details, backgrounds and other characters involved. Therefore, in between my book reviews you may find a few words and opinions about life or issues that I care about.

I have a family blog where I post most of family’s personal happenings, but as a mom of 3 crazy cuties, wife to a great guy, daughter, sister, friend and active member of my church, I can’t guarantee that a teensy bit of that won’t spill over to this blog. Let’s just have fun with it!




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