Recognize Any of these Candies from the Past?

Recently I got my hands on two movies that my kids had not seen before. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005).  Honestly I couldn’t remember much about the newer version, but the older one was the source of some slightly creepy memories from childhood, so naturally I loved it dearly! I was in fact given the nick-name of oompa-loompa occasionally during my high school and college years which I am sure had nothing to do with how weird they were and more to do with my height (right guys? …guys?). I really wanted to share the movies with my kids and see which one they preferred.

Guess what? They love them both and have watched them multiple times! I have to say also that I like the newer movie more than I previously thought. So naturally all this candy watching gave us the craving for sweets and since it is spring break I took my kids to an old fashioned candy store and let them spend a few dollars. Lets face it, this “penny candy” costs a little more than a penny these days.

It brought back a lot of memories from my childhood. These were special treats back in the “olden days”! So cool that they are still around in a few fun places. Here are some I remember.

  1. Nik L Nip.

17884101_1727918800556871_4950798473284650443_nNow my every kid I knew swore you could just go ahead and chew on the wax afterward and it was totally just like gum. My kids were not convinced of this. They were very excited to try them though!


2. Chiclets gum

mini-chiclets-gum-127001-ff1 I loved getting these out of the penny machines, and because they were penny machines I totally could get some!

3.  Candy Buttons

candy_buttons_unwrapped Now I don’t particularly remember eating these as a kid, but I know I have seen them before and besides they are in the original Willy Wonka movie in the opening scene of the Candy Store.

4.  Candy Lip Stick

candy-lipsticks-50ct-7These I thought were sooooo cool!

5.  Candy Lolly Pop

thJPK730Q6These I still love and would prefer my kids to eat over the sticky-get-everwhere hard candied suckers.

6. Big Cherry

cq5dam_web_616_462This I am adding to the list because I would always see them at the convenient store near my grandma’s house and I always begged my mom to let me buy one. She usually said that it was too big or that I wouldn’t like it. I remember the day I finally got my hands on one. Probably grandma’s doing. 😉  Umm I did like it! And it was not too much for me mom!

What are some of your favorites? What would you add to the list?

































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