Words of… Wednesday

This quote made me giggle. When I was in Jr. High I struggled with math. At the time it really hit my self-esteem. From what I saw my friends were doing fine with math, and I just felt stupid. Therefore, I didn’t like math. I enjoyed reading, language arts and history just fine, but math was bleh! I did learn that for me there would be no skating through this subject. The fact was that I needed to get good grades whether I liked the subject or not, so I did learn that I could bet B’s in math classes if I worked really hard to get them. No more chit-chat. (ouch!) I grew up thinking that I was no good at mathematics and that’s just how it was.

FAST FORWARD suuummediumpth years to now. As I started work this year at a new school I found that I would be doing mostly language arts and reading, and some 5th grade math. Whaaattt? 5th grade math? I happen to have a 5th grader, who lucky for him, does really well with math (He takes after his dad whom I have nicknamed my human calculator. Guess it’s true what they say about opposites attract!) I was very nervous about working with 5th grade math. I don’t remember much about 5th grade and apparently my mind has suppressed memories of math making most of it unfamiliar to me now.

The teachers that I work with have been great to give me information, especially since the way things are taught now have changed. I have had to spend some extra time refreshing on some of the concepts. I’ll tell you what, my feelings about not liking math have changed, I have enjoyed re-learning for myself and helping the kids. Really as I have matured over the years I began to realize that just because math was not, or is not a strong subject for me personally that it doesn’t make me a person that is not smart. I’ve also noticed that kids at the school that I am working with do not seem to feel as down about their struggles. There seems to be a much more positive attitude throughout the school system that helps kids who are struggling try to catch up while not making them feel bad about themselves for needing help. I am so glad for that! It’s exciting to see them start to understand and get excited and keep trying. And I have to admit math isn’t so bad. After all think about poor Albert Einstein and his #realmathproblems!  🙂

Happy Wednesday, we’re half way through!



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