Words of… Wednesday

This quote made me giggle. When I was in Jr. High I struggled with math. At the time it really hit my self-esteem. From what I saw my friends were doing fine with math, and I just felt stupid. Therefore, I didn’t like math. I enjoyed reading, language arts and history just fine, but math was bleh! I did learn that for me there would be no skating through this subject. The fact was that I needed to get good grades whether I liked the subject or not, so I did learn that I could bet B’s in math classes if I worked really hard to get them. No more chit-chat. (ouch!) I grew up thinking that I was no good at mathematics and that’s just how it was.

FAST FORWARD suuummediumpth years to now. As I started work this year at a new school I found that I would be doing mostly language arts and reading, and some 5th grade math. Whaaattt? 5th grade math? I happen to have a 5th grader, who lucky for him, does really well with math (He takes after his dad whom I have nicknamed my human calculator. Guess it’s true what they say about opposites attract!) I was very nervous about working with 5th grade math. I don’t remember much about 5th grade and apparently my mind has suppressed memories of math making most of it unfamiliar to me now.

The teachers that I work with have been great to give me information, especially since the way things are taught now have changed. I have had to spend some extra time refreshing on some of the concepts. I’ll tell you what, my feelings about not liking math have changed, I have enjoyed re-learning for myself and helping the kids. Really as I have matured over the years I began to realize that just because math was not, or is not a strong subject for me personally that it doesn’t make me a person that is not smart. I’ve also noticed that kids at the school that I am working with do not seem to feel as down about their struggles. There seems to be a much more positive attitude throughout the school system that helps kids who are struggling try to catch up while not making them feel bad about themselves for needing help. I am so glad for that! It’s exciting to see them start to understand and get excited and keep trying. And I have to admit math isn’t so bad. After all think about poor Albert Einstein and his #realmathproblems!  🙂

Happy Wednesday, we’re half way through!



My hiatus is officially over!

I started this blog about 2 years ago and at the time was so excited to write down my book reviews, thoughts, and feelings. And here we are these two years later and it has been months since my last post. What?!?!?!?


What happened? A Little thing called life. We moved, I got a new part time job, went through two new callings ~volunteer position~ in my church, and I started projects on before mentioned new house. All while still caring for my little family. You know the drill volunteering in classes, homework, activities etc.


However, I cannot use that as an excuse any longer and I would like to jump back in.

Allow me to make a confession….I have not even been reading very much. (Yikes!) Phew, glad to get that off my chest. I do have a few books I have read over the last 6 months and will be reviewing them soon. I’m going to do a little house keeping items to change it up a bit. Please stick with me guys. (And thanks for reading this!) I am excited to be back!