Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

“When your cup is empty, you do not mourn what is gone. Because if you do, you will miss the opportunity to fill it again.”
Sarah Addison Allen, Lost Lake



Lost Lake written by Sarah Addison Allen

Published by St. Martin’s Press in January 2014

Blurb: The first time Eby Pim saw Lost Lake, it was on a picture postcard. Just an old photo and a few words on a small square of heavy stock, but when she saw it, she knew she was seeing her future.

That was half a life ago. Now Lost Lake is about to slip into Eby’s past. Her husband George is long passed. Most of her demanding extended family are gone. All that’s left is a once-charming collection of lakeside cabins succumbing to the Southern Georgia heat and damp, and an assortment of faithful misfits drawn back to Lost Lake year after year by their own unspoken dreams and desires.

It’s a lot, but not enough to keep Eby from relinquishing Lost Lake to a developer with cash in hand, and calling this her final summer at the lake.

Lost Lake is where Kate Pheris spent her last best summer at the age of twelve, before she learned of loneliness, and heartbreak, and loss. Now she’s all too familiar with those things, but she knows about hope too, thanks to her resilient daughter Devin, and her own willingness to start moving forward. Perhaps at Lost Lake her little girl can cling to her own childhood for just a little longer… and maybe Kate herself can rediscover something that slipped through her fingers so long ago.

One after another, people find their way to Lost Lake, looking for something that they weren’t sure they needed in the first place: love, closure, a second chance, peace, a mystery solved, a heart mended. Can they find what they need before it’s too late?

At once atmospheric and enchanting, Lost Lake shows Sarah Addison Allen at her finest, illuminating the secret longings and the everyday magic that wait to be discovered in the unlikeliest of places.

My Take On It: Eby and Kate seem to be the only two in a long line of women in their family with the strength and spirit to survive the so-called “curse” that has plagued them. For a year Kate was a mere shell of herself just going through the motions of her life after terrible tradgety had struck her family. She is finally waking up. Eby has come to a transition point in her life, but must she lose the past that brought so much joy in order to take the next step? It will take work, love, friendships, and a pinch of luck … or is it magic?… to save Lost Lake and put their lives back together.

Earlier this year I read Sarah Addison Allen’s The Peach Keeper and absolutely loved it. Lost Lake did not disappoint either! She writes such interesting characters!  I love a book that leaves me wanting the back story on each of the supporting characters as well! I felt transported. I could totally picture Lost Lake as I read and wished I could visit a place like that today! I love that Allen’s novels seem to have a hint of mystery and magic in them. It’s not over powering, but  just enough to leave you wondering. This was an easy going read and really enjoyable. I will definitely be putting more novels by this author on my to-read shelf!




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