Two Runs of Stone Series

This Book Series is one of my VERY Favorite in Historical Fiction! The 5th and final book is soon to be published and so what better time than now to share my reviews?

Since I have read 3 of the 4 novels that are currently out I am going to do an “about the books” using some pieces of the synopsis in book #1 and my own words.


Two Runs of Stone: A Beckoning Call written by Steven D. Nielsen & Published by Granite Publishing in August 2003

Two Runs of Stone: Windships America written by Steven D. Nielsen & Published by Granite Publishing in July 2006

Two Runs of Stone: Heart’s Desire written by Steven D. Nielsen  & Published by Granite Publishing in May 2009

Two Runs of Stone: Wagons West written by Steven D. Nielsen & Kindle Edition published in December 2013

About: Beneficiary of her father’s lands, livestock and gristmill, Catherine Rasmussen’s otherwise secure life is greatly impaired by her marriage to Elias Jensen, former politician turned alcoholic. Catherine’s sons are the only thing keeping her on track. Denmark is on the brink of their 1864 war with Prussia and Catherine’s two eldest sons will soon be leaving home. Denmark’s future is uncertain and the Jensen family’s life will soon be turned upside down. Along the way the Jensen family is introduced to missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints. Some members of the family are more accepting of this new faith than others.

“Two Runs of Stone is an epic in historical fiction set in the late 1800’s and is the result of fifteen years of concerted effort. Actual journals of the women and men who lived and died during the era provide the foundation of the work not to mention their Danish, English and American ancestors. ” – Two Runs of Stone: A Beckoning Call, synopsis

My Take on It:  This is so well written. The books are thick, but well worth it. LDS author Steven D. Nielsen takes you through the journey of the Jensen family, their closest friends and those that they meet along the way and their introduction to the LDS Church. They’re struggling with new and old faiths, and for some of them, the courage to leave everything they know in hope of a new future across the sea.

I loved the setting of Denmark and learning about the people and period. I fell in love with Catherine and her boys and their dear friend Torkil! The characters are very rich and their struggles are heart wrenching and their successes  exciting. So many different events take place in this journey  over the course of 4, and soon 5 novels. Added in these stories are the very real struggles that were faced by so many immigrants and those who traveled across the plains of America. (Comparable to the Work and the Glory & Children of the Promise.)

Confession time! I actually named my youngest child after a character in this book 😉

Below is the cover for the final book Two Runs of Stone: Full Circle. Please click the link to  Amazon and vote for Steven D. Nielsen’s final book in the series to be published! I am really excited about this and can’t wait to finish this fantastic series!












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