Break or Bust!

11159988_1114568288558595_7905315451612873399_nI didn’t get much reading done last week…….though this was my view on the very last day of my mini vacation, our Annual Girls Weekend away. Oh, how I look forward to this! Between the 6 of us fabulous ladies we have 21 kids, ha! I firmly believe that every once in awhile mom needs a little break. I love my family for sure and I spend day in and day out with my children and husband making sure our family functions. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but it is refreshing to have time to just be Randi. We need a little time to take care of ourselves so that we can have the energy it takes to take care of everyone else.

When we go on this girls trip I am pretty sure we turn back the clock on years of our lives because some how we magically turn into teenagers again! We certainly act like it anyway and I don’t regret one second of it. Its a blast! We always say that it’s a “No schedule”, “no rules”, weekend. We don’t have to get up at any particular time (which is good considering that we don’t go to bed at any decent hour either). We eat out at fun places, and if we’re grabbing to go we can stop as many places as we want to get everyone’s choice covered. We shop for ourselves *gasp* without being in a hurry. On this trip we decided to spend one day doing fun stuff in Las Vegas since it wasn’t too far of a drive. Sooo fun! We watch movies and play games and laugh until we almost pee our pants. We continue to build these friendships and learn more about each other on each long drive down and the days and nights in between. These are some the best ladies! They are so fun and such great women and I am blessed to have each of them a part of my life!


I came back home happy to hug my children and husband (bless his soul for supporting my time away and holding down the fort!) and refreshed to get back to the daily grind tomorrow! Until next year! I hope other moms take the opportunity to get some TLC in when they can. I’ll be posting more again soon.


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