I’ve got some Catching up to do!


This is the pile of books that is currently sitting at my bedside just waiting for their pages to be turned. I’ve been busy going between two series: The Infernal Devices & His Fair Assassin. One of these is a book club book. The three others are simply to-reads that I have collected. Truth be told I have read two of them already and they will be reviewed soon. Another two of them will become giveaways on this blog! Yay!

Anyone else feel like life is incredibly busy? I know you all know what I am talking about! I recently got a new job part time at my children’s elementary school. It has me excited and nervous, but I am so happy about it!  My three kids are each involved in their individual sports with practices and games each week. We’ve still got homework and school projects going on. Plus the responsibilities within my church position. I am swamped, but grateful for all the blessings with my family. This coming weekend is my annual girls trip with friends which is much anticipated and you better believe that some of these novels will be coming with me!

Keep checking in and soon I will have some reviews and giveaways coming up! Happy Spring time all!


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