It’s Ugly Egg Time Baby!

Alright I’m gonna share a little Easter tradition that has been in my family since I was a little girl. I don’t know who came up with the idea, mom or dad, it was just always part of the holiday. So of course I had to carry on the tradition!


Like many, we boil and dye our Easter eggs the week before Easter, which is a blast for the kiddos and honestly the adults like it too (come on admit it!) Well we like to have a little contest. The Ugly Egg contest to be exact. There are plenty of beautiful eggs around this time of year in their various shades of pale and bright spring colors and designs, BUT we’re giving all the glory to those ugly eggs out there!!!

We try to make one of our eggs as ugly as we can and then we vote for the ugliest one. It is a very coveted title to hold around here! So I am opening up the voting to ya’ll to help us decide which egg is the ugliest. I’ve numbered them and everyone was assigned a number. So check them out in the picture below and leave me a message with your vote!

The contestants consist of my husband, myself, my 8 year old wild man, my 6 year old darling girl, and my 3 year old silly pants. You won’t know who you’re voting for until I reveal the results of the voting! HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND!



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