What kind of reader are you?

Let’s get started shall we? Perhaps you’re wondering what you can expect from my book reviews. As I mentioned in my first post I am part of a book club with some fantastic ladies. I have been in this particular book club since 2010 (wow! I didn’t realize we’d been together so long! It feels like yesterday.) Some members have come and gone and some of us are in it for the long haul. I also have a lot of reading buddies who are not part of book club and I have noticed over the years that each one of us have different “reading personalities” so to speak. Some of my friends really can’t start a book they’re not “in the mood” for. Some start them and put them down within 100 pages if their attention has not been sufficiently snagged. Some get really bugged with writing mistakes. I could go on.


So what kind of reader am I? I’ve gone ahead and labeled myself as an easy to please reader (unofficially of course). While I may notice some grammar mistakes, it’s not going to drive me too batty because I am mostly there for the story. I’m pretty patient, I don’t usually quit a book (it takes a lot of stuff I really don’t like to get me to give it up) I like all kinds of genres and I find it fairly easy to switch from one to the next. The books I read the least are non-fiction, but I am not totally closed to them. I don’t usually have to be in any particular mood to jump easily into a book. There are very few books that I have read that I haven’t liked. What type of name would you give your reading personality?

For awhile there I wondered if I wasn’t picky enough. Did I not recognize a good book or a bad one? Then I decided I didn’t care. I’m a pretty positive person. I am who I am. We all are! Either way I love discussing books that I have read and getting other points of view. I find that people sometimes feel or notice something that I didn’t, or vise versa.

I keep track of my “book shelves” digitally using Goodreads,  as I am sure many of you do. I don’t have a million shelves, and I haven’t divided up my shelves into genres. I try to keep it  simple. They are:

*Read * To Read * Bookclub * Childrens * Unfinished series * Favorites * Favorites of Favorites *

So you’ll find a mish mash of stuff here. I am going to start with reviewing some of the books that I have read more recently and then review the ones I am currently reading as I finish them. I will try to do some giveaways and other fun news here as well. So come back!


One thought on “What kind of reader are you?

  1. It’s hard for me to say what kind of reader I am. Sporadic would be he best word for me! I love to read, lots of different types of books, but I don’t always make time for reading. I am super excited for your reviews though, because when I do get the itch to read, I hate being disappointed because the book I grabbed just didn’t interest me, or worse, was R-rated. I love to read novels for enjoyment, but for me, the books that truly impact my life are usually non-fiction, so I try to take time for a couple of those each year.


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