Howdy Ya’ll!

Hey there! My name is Randi. I’m really excited about starting this blog! I see this as my little spot to find my voice and share my thoughts. Let’s start with the name of this blog, shall we? Read Between the Bindings. I love to read. I’ve always had a love of reading, but it seems to grow every year. I am a member of a book club that is made up dear friends that I love and admire. They’ve helped me branch out and read books that I may have passed on the shelf and not thought twice about.

I am also finding that I enjoy writing. I named this blog with a reference to  books because I plan to post often about books that I have read.  However, because I enjoy writing about so many different things I couldn’t limit myself to just that! Just as books do, we as human beings have stories, details, backgrounds and other characters involved. Therefore, in between my book reviews you may find a few words and opinions about my life or issues that I care about.

I have a family blog where I post most of family’s personal happenings, but as a mom of 3 crazy cuties, wife to a great guy, daughter, sister, friend and active member of my church I can’t guarantee that a teensy bit of that won’t spill over to this blog.

Feel free to share your comments and thanks for stopping by! Visit again!


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